BRIO 24, from Milan to Barcelona

From one Itma to another through four years of improvements, tests and updates. This is the story of Biancalani’s new Brio 24 line, a tensionless dryer able to give dimensional stability to knit fabric, both tubular and open.

Now the time is ripe for the commercialization of this machine, which represents the evolution of a previous single tank version that dries the knit fabric in discontinuous and that has been working for years (many of them are installed in production departments in Bangladesh).

The current configuration of BRIO 24 foresees the passage of the material between the consecutive double-tank modules for the continuous treatment of the natural or blended knit fabric, mixed with viscose or other synthetic or artificial fibers. The article enters from one side of the machine and leaves the other side dry, soft and dense. The process consists in the passage of knitted fabric through the tanks subjected to an intense high frequency vibration, inside which the mesh dries, shrinks, obtaining the maximum possible contraction for each type of weave and composition.

A renowned international customer has tested the machine with over 10,000 meters of knitted fabric. The test passed with flying colors as the machine has already taken the route for the American company that has ordered it without hesitation. So now Biancalani is already producing other BRIO 24 specimens, which uses a very innovative technology (covered by several patents) and will be visible to all customers interested in the upcoming Itma 2019 international exhibition in Barcelona or you can ask directly the company.

The target is wide, considering that knitwear represents a big part of the world textile production, and a lot of it is produced especially in the whole equatorial area, and the knits has always been very interesting for the Italian company of Prato.