DiloGroup at Inlegmash 2018 Hall Forum, booth FC045

At Inlegmash 2018 DiloGroup will have an information booth (No. FC045) in Hall Forum and invites all visitors to discuss the latest machine trends as well as innovations in needlefelt production.


To create a link between economic production and high-quality endproducts has been the goal and the impulse for developments and innovations at DILO. The most important goals are energy efficiency, throughput capacity, endproduct quality and increase of efficiency by reducing downtime. These aims have resulted in changed and new machine designs and thus created opportunities to produce economically high quality endproducts.


The adapted automation of the Baltromix bale opener and the carding willow of DiloTemafa allows better processing of long fibres at highest throughput and extended run-time with fewer cleaning intervals.

In addition to wide needling lines for the economic production of greater volumes as required for example in the geotextile industry, DiloGroup offers a new compact line which has been


designed to make small quantities of high-quality needlefelt used for medical applications as well as for special needlefelts made of specialty fibres such as carbon.


Numerous applications as for example filter media, geotextiles, roofing material and composites require needlefelts with increased tensile stiffness. This is achieved by using reinforcing scrims, grids or yarn layers. The new technology “HyperTex”, which produces multi-layer needlefelts consisting of base needlefelt, reinforcing material and cover needlefelt, uses the scrim fabric machine of Ontec Automation GmbH which feeds a reinforcing scrim made of yarn or filaments online between two felt layers. The felt layers may be preneedled offline. In this case, the scrim fabric will be fed between two unwinding stations and in a subsequent step bonded together at high speed using Hyperpunch needling technology. Also two-layer structures (1 layer needlefelt, 1 layer scrim fabric) can be consolidated this way.