Review on 56. Dornbirn-MFC from 13. – 15.09.2017

The Paul Schlack / Wilhelm Albrecht Prize 2017 was awarded to 2 employees of ITA, RWTH Aachen. Dr. Gisa Wortberg, ITA, RWTH Aachen (D):“Development of Polyethylene-based Precursors for Thermochemical Stabilisation for Carbon Fibre Production“ and Dr. Andreas De Palmenaer, ITA, RWTH Aachen (D): “Determination of Process Parameters for Continuous Production of Polyethylene-Based Carbon Fibre”.The Paul Schlack / Wilhelm Albrecht Prize 2017 was awarded to 2 employees of ITA, RWTH Aachen. Dr. Gisa Wortberg, ITA, RWTH Aachen (D):“Development of Polyethylene-based Precursors for Thermochemical Stabilisation for Carbon Fibre Production“ and Dr. Andreas De Palmenaer, ITA, RWTH Aachen (D): “Determination of Process Parameters for Continuous Production of Polyethylene-Based Carbon Fibre”.

More than a hundred top-class international expert lectures from academic research and industry turn the event into something unique.
The approximate 50% share of industry lectures is particularly high this year. Many interesting lectures were offered by Asia with a focal point on Japan, but also on China, Sri Lanka and Turkey.
In addition to the excellent plenary speeches and expert lectures the congress has been completed with 3 more panels, a forum and a workshop one day prior to the official opening this year: • Workshop one day before the opening of the congress, chaired by Syngroup Management Consulting (A) – Austria`s biggest industry consulting company  focusing on
”Circular Economy: Textile and Nonwovens Waste – a threat or opportunity?”
This highly topical subject was studied by a group of experts drawn from the fiber industry and downstream manufacturing stages, trading firms and, for the first time, waste management companies. IKEA and Adidas were represented as renowned brands and the EU Commission was represented by a high-level representative at the
workshop.This unique event was jointly organised by Dornbirn-MFC in cooperation with CIRFS (the European Man-made Fibres Association), EDANA (the association of the nonwovens industry) and ISWA (the global association of waste management companies).
Management Talk on the opening day moderated by Walter Woitsch – Syngroup Management Consulting (A) on the topic of
“Marine Litter – a problem turned into an innovative opportunity”
Participants: Philipp Meister – Adidas (D), Hugo-Maria Schally – EU Brussels (B), Celine Dolan – Indorama/Wellman (IR), Wilhelm Rauch – IVC (D), Robert van de Kerkhof – Lenzing (A), Franz Josef Radermacher – University Ulm (D)

Panel „Fibers, Textiles and Nonwovens for Sports- and Leisure Wear“ moderated by Giuseppe Gherzi – Gherzi Consulting (CH) on the subject of
“Sustainability and Performance – a discrepancy in this industry?
Participants: Kate Riley – Adidas (D), Dieter Backhaus – Invista (D), Robert van de Kerkhof – Lenzing (A),  Ranil Vitarana – MAS Holding (Sri Lanka), Rene Bethmann – Vaude (D)

Panel „Fibers, Textiles and Nonwovens for protective applications“ moderated by Isa Hofmann – IHOFMANN (D) on the subject of
“The never-ending story of ultra- light and ingenious high performance features: What`s next?“
Participants:Giovanni Henssen – DSM (NL), Oliver Spöcker – Lenzing (A), , Evelyne Orndoff – NASA (US), Pierluigi Berardi – Nilit (I), Helmuth Zepf – PBI (D), Mike Stanhope – Tencate (US).

• Young Scientist Forum but this year on the final day of the congress. The workshop was conducted by Walter Woitsch, Managing Partner – Industry Management Consulting SYNGROUP (A) with a focus on
“Impact of Digital (R)Evolution on Research & Development”
Visionary workshop with young research associates primarily from the sponsors of the congress – in this way these young researchers and visionaries will be introduced to the network of the “Dornbirn-MFC Community.“

Sponsors are the supporting pillars of the success of Dornbirn-MFC
Particularly noteworthy is the strong economic region Vorarlberg and its “smart city” Dornbirn which have been supporting exemplarily the congress for 56 years. Cooperation with the province state of Vorarlberg and its Chamber of Commerce will be promoted with renewed impetus in the future.
Lenzing AG, the associations CIRFS and IVC act as initiators of the annual congress and EDANA, the European association of the nonwovens producers, again supports the congress as a sponsor.
Lenzing AG (A), the world`s leading and most innovative manufacturer of celullose fibers has been the lead sponsor of the congress for many years. Lenzing AG is the innovation and technology leader and cooperates with the whole value chain down to the brands and retailers.
The German highly specialised polyester manufacturer, Märkische Faser, as well as Messe Frankfurt/AVANTEX join as main sponsors and boost its innovative strength from the Dornbirn-MFC network.
Further renowned partners from the European fiber industry act as sponsors:Advansa GmbH (D), Glanzstoff Industries GmbH (A), Dralon GmbH (D), IFG Asota GmbH (A), Fisipe (P).
Also the textile machinery producers and the chemical industry are represented as sponsors:CHT Beitlich GmbH (D), Groz Beckert KG (D), IKV Innovative Kunststoffveredelungs GmbH (D), SAURER AG (CH), Oerlikon (D)
The innovation platforms such as Smart Textiles PLATTFORM (A) and the Linz University of Art (A) are meanwhile multiannual partners. The renowned Swiss textile consulting group, Gherzi Consulting (CH) and Austria`s largest industry consultancy group SYNGROUP (A) support the congress as well as essential sponsors. The innovation platforms ecoplus, Lower Austria`s Business Agency (A) and Saltex (A) complete the sponsors` section.

Cooperation with the Community-Platform SALTEX in Dornbirn
Dornbirn-MFC supports SALTEX along with common advertising, taking place in September 2018, the Community-Platform for Smart Textiles and composite fabrics and their industrial automatisation. Further details are provided under

Cooperation with Turkish Specialist Publishers 
Turkish specialist media are designed to promote Dornbirn-MFC Congress which will finally help Turkish companies to implement their innovation strategy. The publishers ”Textilegence” and “Textil Dunyasi” support Dornbirn-MFC both in the print sector and online.

Cooperation with EDANA
EDANA represents more than 240 members as association along the value chain in the nonwovens industry which corresponds to a turnover of more than $ 30 billion.EDANA, as co-organiser, supports the workshop on the issue of recycling on the day prior to the congress.

Partnership with Messe Frankfurt / Avantex 
Avantex is the fair for Hi-Tec materials/fabrics for clothing which takes place twice a year in Paris. The synchronising of the two events – Dornbirn-MFC is held one week before Avantex – has proven its worth as participants from overseas may attend both events efficiently.“Fashion and Research links together“ is the guiding principle of the cooperation. Hi-Tec fabrics and forward looking topics will be presented to a large audience and the press in Paris – Dornbirn-MFC congress and the “Dornbirn-MFC Community” acts as idea generator for the development of the Hi-Tec products.A delegation of the Messe Frankfurt is present on the congress and holds talks with the companies referring to the concept which is given favourable consideration by

Partnership with Messe Frankfurt / Techtextil
Techtextil is the global leading trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens and takes place biennially. The given lecture block by Dornbirn-MFC within the scope of the Techtextil Symposion in Frankfurt was a great success. Techtextil India runs simultaneously with Dornbirn-MFC and therefore there is a great possibility to watch almost live lectures or panel discussions in a specially designated “Dornbirn-MFC Corner”

High Level of Internationalisation of Dornbirn-MFC
International participants from over 30 countries take part at the congress. The Early Bird Fee was claimed by a third of the participants.Great interest from the USA, Japan, Korea and China is represented by a delegation of more than 20 people.

Rebranding of the Dornbirn Congress
In recent years the efforts to strengthen the congress with more international lectures and international participants have payed off. The Dornbirn Congress has evolved into a global brand.In the future the congress will also include natural fibers in order to exploit the ultimate innovation possibilities. The congress will continue to keep its European roots and Dornbirn will remain in the center.However, attempts will be made to market the congress outside Europe mainly in cooperation with partners. Also the logo has been re-designed but Dornbirn will be recognized easily.The name “Austrian Man-Made Fibers Institute” has been changed to “Austrian Fibers Institute”

Outlook for the 57. Dornbirn Congress, September 12 – 14, 2018

The following main topics will be discussed next year:
• Fiber Innovations• Transport und Mobility• Recycling• Energy Storage• Surface Modification and Additives• Additive-Technologies

We also offer you the possibility to announce your presentation proposals at the Austrian Fibers Institute for 2018 already now. [email protected]  (working title, short summary and contact data)

We are already looking forward to your participation!

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