Saurer and its philosophy of innovation and sustainability

Saurer Group will proudly present its full range of new technologies in fiber processing from raw material to a multitude of yarns during the upcoming Shanghaitex 2017. The product range further includes different finishing processes. Shanghaitex will take place from the 27th until 30th of November in the premises of the Shanghai New International Expo Center / Pudong. For Saurer it will be yet another opportunity to present the group as the partner of choice along the textile value chain with its full product range.
Saurer Group’s E3 (triple added value) – philosophy of innovation and sustainability was developed with a clear customer focus. Highest productivity, maximum raw material utilisation and excellent yarn characteristics are key success factors for today’s textile producers. All these properties are reflected in our products.
Saurer is present with its machinery brands; Schlafhorst, Zinser, Allma, Volkmann, Saurer Embroidery and Components brands; Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Temco, Texparts in Hall E1, booth F01.

Saurer Schlafhorst and Zinser

Ring spinning machines from Zinser:
a new level of efficiency in the commodity segment.

At a length of 2,016 spindles, the Zinser 72 ring spinning machine breaks the 2,000 barrier and sets new standards for efficiency in the commodity segment.
The new both-end TwinSuction system, combined with the sensor-controlled OptiSuction yarn break suction system, achieves an energy saving during suction.
The ZinserImpact 72 compact spinning machine is equipped with the self-cleaning Impact FX unit and guarantees top productivity and optimal raw material utilisation.
Zinser ring spinning machines offer maximised production, consistent yarn quality, a range of different automation options and excellent profitability thanks to their proven and highly regarded cutting-edge technology.

Rotor Spinning at Schlafhorst: Sustainable and future-oriented.

The fully automatic Autocoro 9 using individual spinning positions technology sets new standards for productivity, efficiency and quality. The unmatched rotor speeds, machine lengths and take-up speeds reduce the spinning cost and energy consumption considerably by a two-digit percentage value.
Intelligent automated processes and Lean Maintenance reduce the maintenance costs. This increases the user-friendliness and saves on personnel costs. Nevertheless, the Autocoro 9 achieved constant high performance with any raw materials and under all operating conditions. Flexibility and automation turn the Autocoro 9 into the production platform of the future.
The new semi-automatic BD 7 machine is also in a league of its own, producing impressive packages in Autocoro quality in all package sizes up to 320mm in diameter. The BD 7 reduces spinning costs
and increases profitability by optimized, reduced energy consumption, rapid take-up speeds on all lengths and an improved space utilisation.

Winding machines from Schlafhorst: Benchmark for winding efficiency.

2.5 million delivered Autoconer winding units – this unparalleled record in the sector sends a clear message: the Autoconer is the synonym for efficient package winding for more than 50 years. The Autoconer 6 with E3 sets now again standards regarding energy, economics and ergonomics. Addi- tionally with its quality packages and leading automation solutions the Autoconer offers measurable benefits both during winding and in downstream processing. Innovations such as LaunchControl, SmartCycle, SmartJet or Eco-Drum-Drive system as well as intelligent sensor technology, smart pro- cess control and autocalibration functions have proven their worth in textile practice.

With the innovative SUN – SERVICE UNLIMITED service concept, Schlafhorst and Zinser offer their customers support in their day-to-day operations that is unmatched by any other manufacturer. Over 500 service staff in 20 service stations and 3 technology centres advise customers all over the world with regard to productivity and quality increases as well as energy savings. Intelligent life cycle man- agement means that our service experts support customers proactively with preventive maintenance. Clever updates and upgrades provide solutions for integrating new technical features into existing machinery. The e-commerce platform SECOS 2.0 guarantees minimum response times in the delivery of original spare parts. And in SUN-PLAN Schlafhorst has developed a service concept that is unique within the textile industry: Individual service at a fixed price.

Saurer Allma Volkmann
Allma Volkmann – Setting new benchmarks with Saurer E3 technology.
Allma and Volkmann are the world’s leading manufacturers of twisting and cabling machines and will be presenting the CompactTwister – High-performance Two-for-One twisting machine for staple fibre yarns, and the CableCorder CC4 – Direct cabling machine for high quality tire cord. Both products are characterized by low energy consumption, high economic efficiency and machine productivity as well as high operating convenience and have been certified with the Saurer E3 label for their triple added value. Visitors will be also informed about innovative products and solutions in the companies’ other segments: carpet yarns, industrial yarns and glass filament yarns.
Saurer Embroidery

Saurer Embroidery
Saurer Embroidery – The shuttle embroidery benchmark.
Saurer Embroidery presents the latest innovative embroidery system Epoca 7, which impresses with its increase in productivity and its embroidery speed of up to 700 RPM. The setting options of the ‘pro’ version are unique and encompass new technologies on the needle side such as an individually con- trolled thread guide and thread delivery. Thus, embroidery technology has been reinvented and fulfills
future market demands. The new thread monitors and the new thread-cut guarantee trouble-free pro- duction of high quality embroidery.
The Epoca 7 has been awarded the E3 label for triple added value:
Maximum productivity and speed
Premium embroidery quality and technology Complete reliability