Savio EcoPulsarS – Best scalable automatic winder

JP Modatex is promoted by Mr Jindas Pukhraj Jain, having experience of yarn trading & manufacturing since 1983 (35 years) and have successfully co-promoted Pukhraj Virchand / Samosaran Yarns Pvt Ltd and Mr Rakesh Kumar Sharma (M,Tech), who has a strong background in yarn manufacturing & trading since 1986 (31 years).

JP Modatex’s state of art manufacturing unit at Silvassa commenced its production in October 2016 and has a strong sales and marketing network covering Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Surat, Ichalkaranji and propose to expand into Bhilwara, Tirupur  / Erode, Amritsar / Ludhiana.

The product mix of JP Modatex is of speciality cellulogic based yarns Modal, Lyocell, Linen, Cotton & Blends of all these. Focusing on dress material, shirtings / suitings, home textiles – weaving / knitting with count range from Ne 10s to Ne 60s. With a sharp focus on excellence, consumer-driven innovation and a series of technological collaborations, JP Modatex aims to establish themselves as a key producer of premium quality yarns in western India.  We did a tete-a-tete with the Designated Partner of JP Modatex, Mr Jindas Jain, and this is the gist of the conversation.


Please tell us in brief about the J P Modatex group:

We have an experience of more than 35 years in yarn manufacturing and marketing. Presently we have 17,000 spindles in production and additional 18, 000 spindles are proposed within this financial year.


What is your present product mix?

We produce speciality yarns for premium apparels fabric manufacturers for exports and domestic market.

Our speciality is in Modal, Lyocell, Linen blends.


What was your criteria for selection of machines for your project?

We were in search for latest technology machines which were most energy efficient in their class. We have a vision that India shall remain an export hub for garments. International retailers are looking for best quality products from India. We saw a trend that in last few years that our customers were buying the latest weaving and knitting machines. It was always at the back of our mind that the yarn sold by us would have to perform well on those hi-tech machines and therefore there should be no compromise from our side when deciding our machines.


With these criteria how did you decide to buy Savio winders?

We co-promoted RG Spinning Mills, Erode where we had a good experience on Savio Orion machines and later the Savio Polar winders on PC yarns. This time we needed winders which would run best on cellulosic and synthetic blends. We had the first look at EcoPulsarS winder at ITMA 2015,  Milan. We were impressed by the three features it had. First, the Suction on Demand system provided which reduces energy costs. Second, was the Duo Air Feeding system which gives best quality splicing strengths compared to any other winder in the market. The third and the most important feature of Savio EcoPulsarS winder is its scalability through which we can add drums if required in the same machine. These were very important feature which tilted our decision in favour of Savio EcoPulsarS.


At present how many Savio winders do you have?

We have 12 EcoPulsarS with 30 positions each. All machines are running to the full satisfaction of our production and maintenance teams. The efficiencies achieved by the machines and the quality of yarn produced is of the highest levels which are as desired by our consumers. Recently there is a change in requirement of our product mix and due to the scalable feature of the machine we are adding 2/4 positions each to our link winders. This would not have been possible if we had purchased any other brand of automatic winder. We are proud that we made the right decision of buying EcoPulsarS.


How was your experience with A.T.E. during the sales negotiations?

A.T.E. is a well-known brand in India with many world class manufacturers already in its basket. It was a pleasure to work with the sales team of A.T.E. who catered to the finer details during finalisation, deliveries and after sales service too. It was a win-win situation for us.


Will A.T.E. feature in your future expansion plans?

As informed, we are adding 18,000 spindles this fiscal and we are buying Truetzschler blow-room/cards and Savio Pulsars Link Winders.