Stäubli listens and provides the ideal solution to support customers to adapt to Market Requirement

Fritz Legler
Head of Marketing, Sales and Service
Grossfeldstrasse 71
7320 Sargans / CH
Phone: +41 81 725 0324


  1. Which are the values that guide Stäubli? 

Passionate inventing and highest demands to quality, coupled with reliability, customer focus and a strategy based on long-term commitments are our values. These values have been passed on in the Stäubli family for generations, with the goal to be able to hand a modern and healthy company over to successive generations. This includes acting in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner, as well as always thinking ahead technologically, to be able to provide value-adding solutions to our customers.


  1. Stäubli’s Role in improving quality of Textiles and Sustainability?

Stäubli machinery participates in various manners to the quality of the fabric output and in sustainability, and as a leading weaving technology provider we have to be one of the main players. The fact is that before and during the weaving process, technologies from Stäubli support setting the basis for a maximum of fabric quality.

In weaving preparation, there is the perfect preparation of warp sheets that plays an important role when weaving patterned shirting fabrics for instance. The SAFIR automatic drawing in machine draw in the warps into drop wires, heald frames, and reed, thus rapidly whilst respecting the perfect color repeat. A perfect basis for a continued weaving process resulting in a quality fabric.

Stäubli shedding solutions, such as the latest generation S3000/S3200 electronic rotary dobbies are renown for utmost reliability and long service lives. They run at highest speeds day in day out over years, thus – new – in perfect harmony with the lately launched maintenance free harness motions. Less maintenance of the machines and accessories means less idle time, less oil and consumable waste, and results in a more constant weave process for quality fabrics and more environmental thinking.

Another aspect in weaving guaranteeing the quality of the fabric is the gentle yarn treatment. Think about expensive but fragile aramid or carbon fibres who have to support- integrated in the binding structure -certain characteristics such as drapability. Only when keeping their fibre specific properties they can become the perfect reinforcement fabric for lightweight applications. Here the Stäubli TF weaving system sets standards in the weaving industry.

In carpet weaving we can evoke a subject as well that integrates quality and sustainability in one: Shearing loss is an important factor where weavers can lose lots of money. Stäubli’s Schönherr carpet weaving systems are equipped with a tooth belted cutting device that assures a constant carpet surface with piles of a homogenous length and thus avoids loss(and waste) in shearing.

In each of our product lines we can find several subjects that underline the quality and the sustainability aspect. And our values make these key words being daily present in the mind of our R&D engineers who are constantly improving in order to develop machinery and system solutions for the future.


  1. How do you foresee the role of Innovation in the growth? Your views in relation to Industrial 4.0?

Weaving mills that want to persist and be succesful even in times of international pressure, have to invest in new technologies, such as automation in weaving preparation or more reliable rotary dobbies resulting in less idle time and guaranteeing longer service lives. Innovations cannot be neglected, especially if they are showing success and are bringing major benefits.

With regards to Industry 4.0, the weaving industry still has to make up its mind as to what the overall goals of Industry 4.0 should be. Digitization & networking capabilities have to be defined in a way that new business models can be derived from Industry 4.0 concepts. What is particularly difficult for the Textile Industry is the fact that there are no clear norms or standards – thus yielding too many individual concept studies and so forth. Automation concepts from Stäubli foster the idea of networking, remote access and data analysis. Mechatronics & clever sensors enable many possible and forward looking digitization opportunities which we individually discuss with interested customers.



  1. Present situation and how do you foresee the future?

We just started in the new year, and are quite optimistic. Last year`s business was better than foreseen and we are now doing our best to sustain a high level of activity. We live in a world of fluctuation and short up- and downward cycles. We have come to understand as to how we have to deal with those facts – flexibility on the way up or down is tantamount to our success. Relentless and untiring innovation keeps us going – this will render benefits even in hard times since our customers will profit from it. New products and solutions are being implemented to the market place – the response from our customers is very encouraging and together with them we are confident that 2018 will be a reasonably positive year.



  1. What are your Future Plans for the International  Market ?

We want to bring the benefits offered by our machines and solutions to more and more weaving mills around the world. We are always listening to our customers and wand to understand their needs thus adapting quickly to market requirements. Proximity to our customers is of great importance to us – just to mention an example: for some years Vietnam has been showing a growing interest and demand for weaving equipment, so we decided to open a local Stäubli office. With this new local office we can assure a continued presence to our Vietnamese customers. They speak to Stäubli personnel in their own language at their local time.


  1. Your participation in 2018 Exhibitions?  

We are just back from Domotex in Hanover. Now the the main focus is on Dhakatex, Bangladesh, ITM, Turkey, and ITMA Asia.

  1. Yours Expectation from ITMA ASIA +CITME 2018?

As China is still the most important textile producing country worldwide, we are expecting a great demand for our products. Stäubli is renown in China for high quality and advanced weaving machinery solutions. The Chinese market is facing changes, especially in terms of investors who are focusing on emerging and neighboring countries. There are more Chinese companies which are further improving the quality of their product portfolio and thus need higher quality shedding solutions for instance. We are looking forward to this trade fair that is showing us every second year a little more precisely the trend in investments and challenges of the Chinese weaving industry.