The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit to organize International Conference on Textile 4.0

The Mumbai unit of The Textile Association (India) is organizing an international conference ‘Textile 4.0: Global & Indian Perspective’ on March 22-23, 2018, at Hotel The Lalit, Mumbai. The two-day conference will attract mill owners, top textile professionals, experts and textile technologists from India and across the globe, who will deliberate on what is Textile 4.0, how it would impact the textile industry in India and across the globe and what would be benefits to the Textile industry.

The world is on the threshold of a new industrial revolution Industry 4.0 characterized by artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, next-generation robotics, 3D printing, wearables and gentle engineering, nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology among others. Industry 4.0, the future of manufacturing technologies, is increasingly becoming an important trend for automation and data exchange. This enhanced technology, digital systems, and automated processes will make it optimum for manufacturing quality products. Industry 4.0 includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing, which creates a ‘smart factory’.

Textile 4.0 is an interpretation and application of Industry Revolution 4.0 in the textiles technology and textile manufacturing sectors across the supply chain in spinning, weaving, finishing, and garmenting. The conference aims to educate stakeholders on how industry 4.0 is shaping up and transforming the global textile business. It will bring together textile manufacturers in all sectors i.e. textile machinery manufacturers, textile technology, solution providers and all stakeholders across the supply chain. Discussions will revolve around major challenges that textile businesses are facing in today’s digital marketplace and identify practical steps, which companies can take to digitalize their value chain.

The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit is the first to organize such a conference in India/Asia which will help the industry to gear up for Textile 4.0. The Textile Association (India), Mumbai unit is the largest unit of the Association with around 4,000 members. The unit has a reputation of organizing events of topical interest both at national and global level.

The Focus

The conference would focus on concerns like:

  • What would be the new avatar of textiles; textile technology and textile manufacturing?
  • What would be the practical influence on technology and manufacturing across industry sectors in fiber & spinning, weaving, textile processing (dyeing and finishing) and apparel manufacturing?
  • How should textile manufacturing companies engage in this new trend?
  • What impact will it have throughout the textile value chain for productivity, quality, and efficiency?
  • What does the future hold for textile business commercially through investments and profitability?
  • How would the western technology phenomenon be translated into global production centers in Asian/Indian industry?

Speakers & Panelists

The conference will be addressed by international experts on the subject, and mill owners as user perspective renowned experts from across the world and India who are experts in technology.

The conference is expected to be attended by 500 quality participants.



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