Thriving Beginnings For Color Atlas By Archroma With 5 Strategic Partnerships With Trend Experts, Forecasters And Influencers

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals known for pioneering custom color engineering in textile and fashion, celebrates thriving beginnings for its Color Atlas color library system.


In the less than 2 years since the launch of its Color Atlas, Archroma has formed several strategic partnerships with some of the best known international trend forecasters, influencers and educators in today’s fashion and home décor space. Formed to leverage the strengths of color creativity, the company’s  corporate  partners  include  Design Seeds, Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), Fashion Snoops, MintModa, and the world renowned Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Each is now featuring Archroma palettes in their trend forecasts and educational curriculum.


Archroma products are utilized for pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles, while the Color Atlas by Archroma® is a leading color reference for design professionals, boasting over 4,000 colors. MintModa, WGSN, Fashion Snoops and Design Seeds offer   the latest information on color trends, consumer behavior and commercial reporting to creative industries, such as fashion, design, marketing and retail. Featuring specific colors and hues is vital to their design-based forecasts.


“Color is at the forefront of any creative design project” said Brad McClanahan, Global   Head of Service Businesses for Archroma’s Brand and Performance Textile Specialties business. “A strategic selection of color palettes is vital to show what is trending in the design world, and the precise nature of these organizations effortlessly align with our color selection and communication technologies.”


“Our relationship with each of these organizations is an important part of our mission to support the entire textile and apparel supply chain.” added Chris Hipps, Global Director for Archroma Color Management. “Archroma’s technologies help connect the dots between a designer’s inspiration for their color palettes to the point where they’re communicating that color to production factories all over the world.”