Technical Texttiles


RONSE – Devan Chemicals, a Belgian-headquartered developer of finishing technologies for textiles, recently launched a new product line. These revitalising agents enable textile manufacturers to boost their textiles and offer health & wellness to consumers.

Boost textiles and enhance well being

In our daily lives, we are confronted with energy loss, sleep deprivation, ageing, allergens, pollution, UV “damage”,… you name it. Devan  has found a way to boost the textiles we sleep on,  so they  can  help to  reduce negative impacts from “outside” and enhance our well being.

The patented encapsulation technology enables Devan to create the right blend for the required purpose. Environmentally safe and skin-friendly.

Skin care through Textiles: R-Vital

With ageing, our bodies’ natural protection against free radicals declines. R-Vital textile treatments can help to strengthen our bodies natural defenses against free radicals.

Ubiquinol production in the body vs age

Source: Amendment from A. Kalen et. al. (1989) Lipids, 24 579

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. The treated textiles touch our skin. The revitalising ingredients enter inside our bodies and become active. Devan R-vital will boost textiles with a range of ingredients, such as

anti-oxidants, that offer extra protection against free radicals, ageing, pollution, UV.

Our skin is the ideal means for the transport of revitalising solutions. The treated textiles contain encapsulated ingredients like Ubiquinol, the advanced CoQ10. The content of the capsules is set free through the movement of our bodies and can be absorbed by our  skin  and  transported throughout  our body where the anti-oxidants will disarm free radicals and complement other anti-oxidants.