Textile Machinery Association of Sweden is ready to

TMAS, Textile Machinery Association of Sweden, has established a local office in the 7th district of Ho Chi Minh City. Heading the office is Mr. Tran Phuoc Thanh, Business Development Representative for TMAS in Vietnam.

Mr. Tran comes with experience from the Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group. He has also gathered insights into the industry and undergone training in Sweden, from the Swedish textile machinery makers and their customers. Mr. Tran is strategically positioned to market Swedish machinery as well as drive sales and support for TMAS companies in Vietnam

TMAS is positioned for the long-term in Vietnam. The country is emerging as the new global production center of textile products. We want to be part of this exciting growth and expansion. We believe we have a lot to offer in terms of our knowledge, expertise and innovative technology, “said Mr. Mikael Äremann, president, TMAS.


TMAS helps support member companies to compete in the global textile industry with leading edge production equipment and technology. TMAS member companies are all well-established leaders in various areas of the


textile manufacturing process. The companies offer a unique combination of production expertise, textile manufacturing knowledge, and superior products and services.


The textile industry is growing dramatically and Vietnam has been identified as a hub for the Asian textile industry in the next decade. The main reason for this is the increasing cost levels in China, causing many textile and garment brands to relocate in Vietnam. In fact, TMAS companies in Sweden have already started realizing a notable increase in demand for their products and services.


TMAS companies are the perfect match for the Vietnamese textile industry. We are a relatively small, tight-knit group of companies, each specializing in a different key area along the manufacturing process. Our size allows us to be flexible. We work closely with our customers, we listen and adapt quickly to their changing needs as they respond to market demands, “emphasized Mrs. Therese Premler-Andersson, Secretary General, TMAS.


Textile companies in Vietnam are looking for ways to be competitive, and the country is clearly demonstrating that it has the capacity and stamina to deliver. TMAS is committed to enabling the Vietnamese textile industry to flourish well over time.


The Vietnamese textile industry has all the right pre-requisites to sustain healthy, long-term growth. “The Vietnamese people are resilient and hardworking, with many who are educated and conversant in English. The country has a long history of overcoming challenges and adapting to change,” said Mr. Mikael Äremann. “Indeed, workers are increasing their skills with every year, and companies are fast realizing that progress that took several years in China is now taking much shorter time in Vietnam, “Mr. Äremann continued.


The challenges and demands of Industry 4.0 are also transforming the global textile industry. Therefore, environmental and social sustainability, and the importance of smart solutions is of the highest priority for TMAS companies. The goal of all member companies is always to achieve better performance and efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of quality. TMAS is bringing world-leading Swedish innovative expertise of smart industries into Vietnam, which will make Vietnam highly competitive globally.



“TMAS is reflective of Sweden’s reputation for reliability, quality and world leading technology. R&D is important and TMAS companies have a solid track record for ensuring their customers achieve long-term profitability and growth. Building smart, sustainable solutions is in our DNA, and we will definitely meet the drive for innovation in Vietnam,” said Mrs. Therese Premler-Andersson.


It has been estimated production in the Vietnamese textile and clothing industry will increase by an average of 12-14% between 2016 -2020. Export is expected to reach US$ 50 billion by 2020, rising from US$ 28 billion in 2016.


TMAS is certain that the time is right for a Swedish-Vietnamese collaboration that will lead to a win-win both now and well into the future. The result is an investment In the Vietnamese market through local TMAS representation.


The objective is to provide relevant and precise support and service to TMAS customers. Here, Mr. Tran, with his local market experience and insights gathered from in-depth research and analysis, will prove to be a real asset to TMAS customers.


“I am excited about the tremendous possibilities open to the Vietnamese textile industry, especially by having TMAS as a partner. I am convinced me that each and every one of the member companies has a vital role to play in ensuring the growth and success of textile companies here in Vietnam, “said Mr. Tran. “I look forward to enabling TMAS to be a key driver of success for Vietnam, and through Vietnam to the region, and the world.” Mr. Tran concluded.


The Vietnamese textile industry is naturally eager to capitalize on the textile boom. The 17th Vietnam International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition, VTG, is designed to portray this positive business potential. This is also where the world can experience the reliable quality and innovative heritage of Sweden through Swedish textile machinery and accessories manufacturers. The textile machinery exhibition will be


held in in Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre 22-25 November 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City. Visit TMAS at stand 637.



TMAS members


9 companies are members of TMAS, each in the forefront of their own specific segment, with a long successful history and a passion for textile manufacturing.


ACG Nyström AB (www.acgnystrom.se)

We offer solutions within cutting, sewing, embroidery, garment printing and product life management for textile products. The product range extends from the simplest needle to large complex machines for industry. The company often has a unique role as the link between the world’s leading equipment manufacturers and customers in the important development process.


Baldwin Jimek AB (www.baldwintech.com)

Baldwin’s areas of expertise are SMART Process Automation Solutions with focus on: Spray Applications Systems, Impregnation and Remoistening Systems, Fluid Treatment including Filtration, and UV and Infrared / Hot Air technology. We offer our customers a broad range of market-leading technologies, products and systems that guarantee and enhance the quality of industrial produced products with a focus on improving the economic and environmental efficiency of the production process.


Eltex of Sweden AB (www.eltex.se)

Eltex is a leading company in weft and yarn supervision. The core activity is to develop yarn break sensors and tension monitors together with OEM customers. Close cooperation between Eltex and the machine makers is essential for the business. This is the basis for the market leading position the company has today. Knowledge of yarn break detection and tension monitoring, combined with the machine makers know-how ensures that the sensors have the highest performance and quality.


ES Automatex Solution AB (www.esautomatex.com)

We specialize in automated machines for the home textile industry. We promote new machines from our partner Automatex Inc. in Canada for this industry segment. Today, we can offer solutions from full-scale production to small specialized production. We also trade with refurbished automatic sewing machines

from AKAB of Sweden AB. This offers full flexibility regarding customer requests and requirements, tailored to their investment budget.


Eton Systems AB (www.etonsystems.com)

Eton Systems globally provides material handling systems consisting of individually addressable product carriers, automatically finding its way to the correct operation. The systems are designed to eliminate manual transportation and minimize handling, radically increasing the time for adding value to customer’s products. Eton Systems is the innovator and world’s leading supplier of the Unit Production System (UPS), a productivity and management system developed specifically for use in the apparel, home textile and light product industries.


IRO AB (www.iroab.com)

IRO is the market leader in the development and production of yarn feeding equipment, manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of yarn feeders and accessories for the textile industry. IRO products are developed with the most advanced technologies and resources, which coupled with unrivalled expertise and experience ensures the production of high quality products at a competitive price. IRO feeders utilize the latest high-tech “Permanent Magnet Motor” technology, which IRO offers as a unique, customized solution for applications also outside of the textile industry, competitively priced even in small quantities.


ACG Kinna Automatic AB (www.kinnaautomatic.se)

We are a leading manufacturer of textile machinery for fully automated production lines for quilts, pillows and bed sets. From fabrics to finished packed product. The company’s goal is to increase profits for our customer through machines and production lines that make the process more efficient and to simplify the daily work


for our customers. ACG Kinna Automatic offers a wide range of tailor made machinery and production lines, mainly for the home textile industry, worldwide.


Svegea of Sweden AB (www.svegea.se)

Svegea offers the most complete line of Collarette cutters, Slitting machines and Bias Cutting range. The machines are world renowned for their ability to produce the highest quality trim at top speeds. The Svegea product range provides solutions for all knits, t-shirts, children’s wear, bias/ waistband and home textile manufacturers.


Texo AB (www.texo.se)

TEXO is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of weaving looms for production of Paper Machine Clothing and Industrial Technical Fabrics. More than two thirds of the looms for the paper industry have been supplied by TEXO. The company also provides customers with rebuilds and retrofits of existing looms, which helps them increase productivity and meet their quality demands. TEXO operates on the global market with offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific & the Americas.